Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in CTIS

Infection Prevention Policy at CTIS

(1) All the students are required to wear the school’s designated face shield at all times during class. However, it is also possible to wear a mask, and we will respect both parents’ and students’ will on this matter. Teachers will wear face shields during school hours. Students are required to wear masks at all times when doing off-campus activities.
(2) If there is a high possibility of heat stroke or other health problems, the face shield or mask can be removed.
(3) When entering classrooms from outside, after cleaning or using the restroom, and before and after lunch, students should wash their hands carefully with water and hand soap.
(4) Ensure that ventilation and seating arrangements do not cause an enclosed space. Hand sanitizers will be placed in appropriate places in the school, such as hand washing areas, restrooms, and classrooms.
(5) Areas where students come into frequent touch with their hands (door knobs, handrails, switches, window frames, window locks, etc.) should be wiped down at least once a day using a towel soaked in sanitizer.

Health observation when arriving at school

Teachers, staff, and students will be asked to check their body temperature with a thermal camera installed at the entrance when they arrive at school, and will be asked to refrain from coming to work or school if their body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius. If anyone has any of the following symptoms, even if the temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius, he or she will not be allowed to go to school.
・Cold-like symptoms lasting for more than 3 days
・Symptoms like malaise and breathlessness
・Disorder of sense of taste or smell

When students/staff are identified as infected

In the event that a student, faculty, or staff member is identified as being infected, the student, faculty, or staff will be required to suspend attendance. If a family member living with the student is suspected of having coronavirus infection and shows symptoms that meet the criteria for consultation with a medical institution, the student will also be required to suspend attendance. Students learn through the distance learning system during the time they are not in school.

Period of suspension of attendance

Start date: The date when the infection is discovered. However, if the child has been absent from school before the discovery, the day after the last day of school attendance will be the start date of the attendance suspension.
Condition for being allowed to come to CTIS

Submission of a PCR-negative certificate or a doctor’s certificate of recovery to CTIS is required.

Our school’s faculty and staff have received at least two vaccinations. In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we ask for the cooperation of parents, guardians, and those who wish to visit us. To assure the continuation of educational activities to the fullest extent possible, CTIS is working to ensure the health of students by implementing infection control measures and making adjustments to the content, methods, and timing of learning and activities. Thank you for your cooperation.
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