International Qualifications for College Acceptance

With the opening of the school, CTIS aims to become an accredited international university entrance qualification. The credential is one of the largest international academic programs in the world, and more and more education systems in various countries are shifting to utilize the credential. In Japan, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is promoting the program and teacher training, and there are more than one hundred candidate and accredited schools in the country. CTIS teachers are expected to model lifelong learning for their students through professional development to improve their own teaching methods from workshops offered by the MEXT consortium. CTIS will work with MEXT and the International University Entrance Qualification Agency to meet the educational needs of an international community of diverse learners. We also expect that our campus learning space will be used to host future workshops of the International Education Organization.

International university entrance qualification programs are now accepted by many universities in Japan and recognized by institutions of higher learning around the world. CTIS graduates can choose to enroll in universities in Japan or abroad that match their academic and career interests.

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