School Life


At CTIS, homeroom teachers, Japanese teachers, and project management staff are available for various consultations with students and parents. 1. homeroom teachers are available for consultation regarding your child’s studies and daily life. The parents can contact us to set up a meeting. We are available to meet with students and parents after school. We can speak with students during school breaks, too. For parents who are not comfortable communicating in English, Japanese staff will join the meeting as interpreters. 2. In our school, there are many students and there are times when students are in the developmental stage of their English ability. They often have difficulty telling their thoughts to their homeroom teachers or expressing themselves in the way they want to. In such cases, a Japanese teacher will be available for an interview. 3. If you wish to discuss school-wide issues with someone other than the homeroom teacher, the CTIS business manager will be available to speak with the parents.
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