QI am from a normal Japanese family, can my child enter your school?

Certainly. CTIS welcomes students of all nationalities, races, and backgrounds, and respects all cultures of the world. Anyone who agrees with the educational philosophy of CTIS is welcome to apply.

QIs it possible to enter CTIS even if my child cannot speak English?

No problem. Our teachers will support your child according to his or her level. You will naturally acquire English skills through daily classes in English.

QAs a parent, I don't speak English, but I'm worried about being able to communicate with the teachers.

We have Japanese teachers, so it is possible to communicate in Japanese. Even if the parents cannot speak English very well, it is not a problem.

QIs CTIS accredited by an accrediting agency?

CTIS is planning to apply to become a candidate for the International Baccalaureate within 2022. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.

QIs CTIS an elementary school only?

CTIS will first open its elementary school in April 2022, and will open its kindergarten and middle school in April 2023. We will also establish a high school, so that by 2026, we will have a full-time kindergarten through high school educational institution.

QIs it possible to enroll only in April?

New students are only accepted in April of each year. Applications for transfer are accepted throughout the year, and successful applicants may transfer into the class of their chosen year at any time.

QIs the school associated with a particular religion?

CTIS is not affiliated with any particular religion. All religions, cultures, nationalities, and origins are respected and welcomed.

QWhat is the class size?

In the elementary school, each class consists of 12 students, and one homeroom teacher is assigned to each class. In addition, there are also joint classes, and support teachers are added to the class, so in effect, one teacher is assigned to every eight students.

QWill the school provide lunch for the students?

CTIS will work with selected restaurants in the Hiroo area to prepare nutritious and balanced lunches for the students.

QIs there a school uniform?

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies are the uniforms at CTIS. Uniforms are not required to be worn every day, except for physical education classes and special events as directed by the school.

QIs there a school bus?

CTIS is located in Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, within a 10-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Hiroo Station and 13 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line, Toei Chikatetsu Mita Line, Shirokanetakanawa Station. We do not currently plan to operate a school bus.

QWhat is the name of the company that manages Capital Tokyo International School?


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