Mandarin Chinese Culture Appreciation

Fly high with Mandarin

Multilingualism has always been the default context for human beings. Business, employment and scholarship are increasingly global and multilingual. Learning how to cooperate with people from different backgrounds, having a global mind and understanding different points of views become essential skills for anyone wanting to succeed professionally or academically in the 21st century.

Learning a 2nd or 3rd language before adulthood is generally accepted as easier due to brain development. CTIS will introduce the foundational aspects of Mandarin Chinese for students that want to later continue language study and be an effective communicator in Asia.

At CTIS, we provide Mandarin and Chinese Culture Appreciation programs for students. Through learning basic Mandarin pronunciation (pinyin), listening to well known Chinese story books, and participating in Chinese cuisine and festivals, students build basic understanding Chinese society and learn to appreciate other cultures in Asia. Along with building up the foundation of Chinese culture, students at CTIS will also learn how to read and write Chinese characters.

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