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CTIS Mission Statement & Values

CTIS Mission Statement

At CTIS, we want our students to be safe, happy, and always doing their best. We, therefore, encourage our students to take responsibility for their actions, especially their learning and relationships with others and the environment. We do this by linking learning to relevant and meaningful real-life situations and encouraging our students to think critically while respecting and working with different ideas from people from various cultural backgrounds. This enables our students to take risks in their learning, and through inquiry, collaboration, and reflection, they develop the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills to explore their interests and achieve personal goals.

CTIS Values

Application of knowledge and skills to authentic situations

Our goal is to bridge the gap between what is learned in school and what is needed to excel in business and other real-life situations. By providing distinctive practical knowledge and developing skills that are truly usable in a rapidly changing society, we are determined to develop young people who can contribute to society in a positive and meaningful way, while being able to set and achieve personal goals.

Japanese – English Translingual education and Mandarin language acquisition

Our educational programs are taught mostly in English; however, students have some lessons in Japanese and weekly Mandarin (Chinese) classes. This broadens the range of people our learners can work with and further develops their identity, intercultural understanding, and communication skills.

Curiosity and Creativity

Through daily classes, students are encouraged to think about ‘why’, develop their critical thinking skills, and present their ideas and opinions to others. In addition to classes rooted in inquiry-based learning, CTIS offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities for students to develop their critical thinking and creative thinking skills through the experiences of investigating, planning, action, and reflection.

Authentic leadership and collaboration

We encourage our students to work together, meaningfully communicate and solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar situations. These experiences are designed to build self-esteem with students becoming confident and effective in leading others over time.

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