School Life

Fine Art and Music, Physical Education

Be energetic, be You!

Fine Art and Music

Art classes at CTIS will feature dedicated classes for music, the visual arts, dance and drama in the performing arts. Students will be given opportunities to explore their own creativity and express themselves through different mediums, guided by experienced teachers in their respective fields with students’ resulting products being showcased to the CTIS community or presented via special school assemblies and events. Some examples are student-led music recitals, art gallery walks, dance and play productions. Students will also have the opportunity to study hip-hop dance once a week with a professional dance instructor. Unique to CTIS, an affiliated drama and acting company called ACT Entertainment Preparatory School holds specialized acting workshops every week for all elementary students.

Physical Education

The physical education curriculum will emphasize the mastery of hand eye coordination, developing physical stamina and body awareness as students physically mature. Students will learn the basics of the rules of sports, and how teamwork and cooperation are essential in enjoying sports. Weather permitting, students will participate in P.E. classes outside in nearby parks close to CTIS and other sport-specific facilities such as local gymnasiums. Indoor P.E. classes will feature gymnastic and hip-hop dance. Additionally, a specific outdoor recess will also be held once a week where students will transition to a local park for dedicated free play time during the school day.
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