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Enhance Your Capabilities after School

This after-school program reflects CTIS’ educational policy of “developing individuals who can think, learn, and play an active role in society. The program is operated by native English-speaking teachers and staff with English communication skills at the CEFR C1 level or higher.

The program is not just an after-school program where children are exposed to English through interaction with native English-speaking staff, but also incorporates EAL (English as Additional Language) classes that are conducted in a way that allows children to learn English as a foreign language in an international school context. We have incorporated EAL (English as an Additional Language) classes. EAL classes are an effective way for students to acquire an intensive knowledge of English and practice all four proficiency skills in an EAL class that is appropriate for their English level.

We also offer activity classes (in Japanese during this period) that cover “Arts, Science, and Physical Education (physical, personal, and social development),” which are included as subjects in the PYP, the IB program for elementary school students, to provide an enjoyable and fulfilling after-school experience.

2 Selectable Courses

EAL English Training Course

2:30 pm - 4:45 pm (lesson starts at 3:20 pm)

Our after-school EAL program reflects the CTIS philosophy and values of developing individuals who can think, learn, and play an active role in society. The program is run by native English-speaking teachers and Japanese staff with advanced English communication skills (CEFR C1 level or higher). Our after-school program allows students to learn English as a foreign language in an international school context. Students will acquire an intensive knowledge of English and will practice all four proficiency skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) in a class that is appropriate for their English level. 

Students are required to purchase the Everybody UP book(JPY2,420) and workbook(JPY1,980) at each level.

Standard Course

2:30 pm - 6:00 pm (can be extended until 8:00 pm)
In addition to our after-school EAL program outlined above, we also offer activity classes taught in English and Japanese which cover the arts, science, and PE. These are also IB PYP subjects. We hope these classes will help students to better understand the PYP in general and will lead them to develop a greater interest and passion for each subject, ensuring students make more overall progress when they are in school.
Days Selectable
EAL 3-day Course
Master English!
EAL 5-day Course
Days Selectable
Standard 3-day Course
Complete Learning!
Standard 5-day Course

EAL Lessons to Develop Your English Skills

Our After School EAL Lessons with CTIS Quality.

CTIS Beginner Class
CEFR: Pre  A1 / WIDA Entaring 3

CTIS Elementary School Teacher Andrea Baysa

CTIS Intermediate Class
CEFR: A1 / WIDA Beginning 2

CTIS Elementary School Teacher Gen Ruff

CTIS Advanced Class
CEFR: Pre  A2 / WIDA Developing 3

CTIS Middle School Tearcher Andrew Callero

Fun Activities to Develop Your Social and Special Skills


Performing Arts
Hip Hop Dance

On Mondays, we offer hip-hop dance lessons to move the body and develop expressive skills.



On Tuesdays, each student will learn to freely imagine and create their own products by using ScratchⓇ.


Performing Arts

On Wednesdays, students practice ways to express their feelings with their facial expressions and physical movements through drama. Teachers: from ACT Performing Art School



On Thursdays, students move their bodies with mat exercises, jumping boxes, and other gymnastics to build flexibility and physical strength.


21st Century Skills
Social Skills

On Fridays, students will think about, learn, and acquire social skills, which are key to 21st-century skills education.

She started dancing in the United States (California), where she lived as a child. Since then, she has been active as a choreographer and dancer for many famous artists. She graduated from Waseda University.

Mr. Seizo Ishine After working for a major electronics manufacturer developing consumer electronics and an IT company, he taught C and other programming languages as a part-time instructor at the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Technology. Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University.

Mr. Ryoma Goto
Actor and director. As an instructor at ACT, an acting school, he mainly teaches elementary school students. After working mainly on the stage, he currently appears in various productions, mainly video works. He has also begun to broaden his activities as a director.

Mr. Yuhei Igari
He is a graduate of the gymnastics department of the Japan University of Physical Education and is a physical education teacher who mainly teaches elementary school students. He has 10 years of gymnastics experience and 8 years of teaching gymnastics. He is also an active theme park performer.

Ms. Mio Kogi
Born and raised in the U.S., she is currently an English teacher at a school in Tokyo. She draws on her own experience teaching social skills classes at a local school. She has 16 years of teaching experience and holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Waseda University.


14:30-14:50 Arrival, Preparation and Free Time
14:50-15:20 Snack Time (30min)
15:20-16:00 EAL Program 1st session (40min) *divided into levels
16:00-16:05 Break Time (5min)
16:05-16:45 EAL Program 2nd session (40min) *divided into levels
↑EAL Course ends here
16:45-16:50 Break Time (5min)
16:50-17:50 Daily Activities to Develop Your Skills (60min)
17:50-18:00 Getting ready to go home
↑Standard Course ends here
↓Extended hours from here
18:00-18:30 Homework Time
18:30-19:00 Evening Meal
19:00-20:00 Homework Time or Free Time


If you apply to EAL Course, students cannot stay after 4:45 pm. So if your child needs to stay after 4:45 pm, please apply to Standard Course.

*Prices include tax Standard Course (2:30-6:00pm) EAL Course (2:30-4:45pm)
3-day 5-day 3-day 5-day
Admission Fee external JPY33,000 internal JPY0
Facility Maintenance & Teaching Material JPY11,000/month
Tuition external JPY88,000/month
internal JPY70,400/month
external JPY132,000/month
internal JPY105,600/month
external JPY77,000/month
internal JPY61,600/month
external JPY110,000/month
internal JPY88,000/month
Extended Hours (6:00-8:00pm) JPY550/30min
Evening Meal JPY756/meal

If your child is not a CTIS student, please apply for admission from the form linked to the button below.

*If your child is a CTIS student, please check the post in the Platinum School app.

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