School Life

Campus Facilities

A bright future begins here

The Capitol Tokyo International School building, which is over 1,000 square meters, was completed in 2022. We have an environment in place to embody the school’s philosophy and send excellent human resources to the world. State-of-the-art classrooms and media centers allow students to learn more actively and efficiently. In addition, the library, which boasts a collection of more than 5,000 books, arouses the potential intellectual curiosity of students. The gymnasium and playroom for infants are soundproofed, so you can move your body to your heart’s content. The open free space filled with the founder’s commitment is equipped with various sofas and desks and is used as a place for smooth communication that transcends the boundaries of grades. There are also large parks, grounds, and gymnasiums run by government agencies in the vicinity, which can be used for large events. Here is the environment for the next generation of education.

School building: Double-decker, 1,000㎡

Classroom utilizing digital technology

Physical education room


Library with 5,000 books in English, Japanese, and Chinese

Free space full of openness

Quiet and natural surrounding environment


CTIS is using BenQ’s cutting-edge antibacterial electronic blackboards, which can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria. In addition, an air quality sensor function is also incorporated in the electronic blackboard to monitor the CO2 concentration level in the classroom and remind the user to use mechanisms to keep the CO2 concentration at an appropriate level.

Physical Education Room and Playroom

We have a Playroom and a Physical Education Room on the 5th floor of the CTIS campus, which are equipped with products from BorneLund, the Japan leading supplier of playroom and sports equipment. Children grow and develop both physically and mentally through play. At our school, we have devised a variety of play activities to help children develop their creativity and independence.

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