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Head of School Message

I would like to offer an invitation for you to explore Capital Tokyo International School and be introduced to the wonderful and unique educational experiences that the dedicated staff and talented teachers are creating here at CTIS.

Our uniqueness is derived from our mission and commitment to foster a caring and nurturing educational environment for all learners, grounded in inquiry-based learning and 21st century skills in partnership with globally recognized international diploma educational programs. Some specific examples can be seen in our curriculum with the inclusion of Project-Based Learning, STEAM  (Science Technology Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), and Mandarin Chinese Language classes for our elementary and middle school programs where each student utilizes a laptop or a tablet to access digital learning materials from home or at school.

We are very supportive of our school community that lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, and therefore, our school calendar is aligned with an April start date with three terms per academic year. We also provide additional September admissions times to accommodate transfer students from overseas. Since family schedules can not always align with admission dates, enrolled students for both April and September start dates may participate in our afterschool programs if they desire to familiarize themselves with our international school curriculum or would like to improve their English language skills before starting school at CTIS.

Furthermore, CTIS students will be viewed in terms of their personal progress in academic and social-emotional learning as they progress in their educational journeys at CTIS. Such a whole student outlook allows our teachers to create tailor-made learning experiences that support collaborative groupings to meet the individual needs of each student best while supporting the learning of a group. Combined with collaboration with business and learning experiences outside the classroom, CTIS students will have ample opportunities to create strong, personal connections to their learning and practically see the real-world implications of their learning outcomes.

Please contact us to come and visit our school and see our learning spaces and community in action.

We welcome you in your lifelong learning journey to join with our community of learners at Capital Tokyo International School as we all grow and learn together.

Dubhgan Hinchey / Head of School

IB Certificate in Leadership Practice
Vermont State Professional Educator License (Level 1)
3-40 (English Language Learner, Grades PK-12)
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