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Head of School Message

We would like to offer an invitation for you to explore Capital Tokyo International School.

We aim to foster a caring and nurturing educational environment for learners, grounded in inquiry and the Montessori method of education in partnership with the globally recognized international diploma educational programs. Our elementary school starts in 2022, following with additional programs for Kinder, Middle School and High school, to create a complete, K-12 international school in the thriving city of Tokyo. Due to our unique yearly scheduling of starting an academic year in April and September, future graduating students can align their academic studies with Japanese or overseas university admission timelines.

During their educational journeys, our diverse and qualified teachers and staff approach the support for learners from a whole student perspective, including social/emotional health with guiding advisory programs, in conjunction with additional tailored learning experiences to address ethical and moral growth in order to prepare students for joining future learning communities and collaboration with others.

Students have ample opportunities to collaborate in our Project Based Learning and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) based units, creating explicit, personal connections between school learning outcomes and their learning experiences. Japanese and English are the main languages of collaboration and instruction in classes, as well as our unique Enrichment program–Mandarin Appreciation that is also taught as students mature and grow.

Safe and secure facilities with embedded technologies for hybrid and blended learning are designed into all our open and modular learning spaces. Students and teachers can freely move between learning areas when exploring a learning inquiry or interacting with remote participants.

Please contact us to come and visit our school and see our learning spaces and community in action.

We welcome you in your own lifelong learning journey to join with our community of learners at Capital Tokyo International School as we all grow and learn together.

Dubhgan Hinchey

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